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The Ultimate Guide to Chanel Loafer: Sizing, Comfort, and Style Tips

This image is of Chanel Loafer and and Tweed Chanel Flap

Finding the perfect pair of shoes online can sometimes be overwhelming. With a variety of pairs available in different colors, designs, and price points, you have a whole different set of challenges like looking for the right size, knowing whether or not Chanel loafers run small, and if they are even comfortable. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about Chanel loafers for women from the iconic house of Chanel, known for its rich history and distinct style. We will discuss sizing, comfort, how they compare to other designer shoes, and high-end loafers so that you can have a well-rounded knowledge of this category of Chanel footwear!

I noticed that information on Chanel ballet flats is popular and readily available, but there seems to be a gap in the info available for Chanel loafers. So, I hope you can use this as your holy grail guide to this format of Chanel slip-ons!

Sizing: Finding the Perfect Fit

Do Chanel Loafers Run Small?

The first thing we need to discuss is that Chanel women's shoes generally run small. When shopping for designer shoes, it is common knowledge that brands tend to make their shoes smaller. The difference with Chanel footwear, compared to other designer shoes, is that it not only runs small but also varies inconsistently from model to model, even within the same category. This discrepancy arises from the type of leather used on the designer loafer, as well as the fact that the shoes are still finished by hand, which makes some of them fit perhaps a little more snug or narrow depending on the model.

Leather Types and Their Impact on Fit

More on the leather: the general rule of thumb is that patent leather designer shoes fit smaller than other leathers. This is because the leather is coated and therefore more constricted. Lambskin leather, for example, will have a more natural fit and will stretch faster than patent leather. A common complaint is that patent leather is sometimes a less comfortable choice, depending on the high-end shoe's shape, because it is stiffer.

Sizing Standards: US vs. French

Another factor is that Chanel footwear sizing varies based on US shoe sizing standards, but it is important to note that it is actually pretty accurately sized following French sizing. So if you convert your shoe size to French shoe size and go based on that size rather than your US size, you should be far better off in choosing.

Width Variations

One last note on sizing: some shoes are made more narrow than others. For example, Chanel sandals are made pretty narrow and offer a wider variation of the shoe. If you require a wider version for your foot shape, you need to look for the size that has a 'C' next to it, example, 40C. The 'C' indicates this Chanel sandal, loafer, heel, etc., is made wider. Now keep in mind, the ones that are marked 'C' are pretty much comparable to a normal shoe width and not necessarily a specially wider shoe. The exception to this rule is Chanel Espadrilles. These designer slip-ons are very soft, flexible, and probably the widest and closest resemblance to a US sizing standard.

Comfort: How Chanel Loafers Measure Up

Comparing Chanel Loafers to Other Chanel Slip-Ons

So where does this leave us for Chanel loafers compared to other slip-on models Chanel has to offer? Loafers are not quite as narrow and small as Chanel ballet flats but not as wide and flexible as Chanel espadrilles.

Chanel Loafers vs. Other High-End Loafers

Now that we know how Chanel women’s loafers compare to other Chanel slip-on style footwear, what about compared to other high-end loafers? A popular comparison may be to the Loro Piana Summer Charms Walk loafers, the Gucci Horsebit loafers - a classic loafer choice, or the trendy Prada loafers. Let’s take a look at style and comfort. Chanel's latest collections feature many different designs that will make any woman look and feel superb.

Key Differences in Style and Comfort

I believe there are a couple of key differences between the Chanel loafers and other high-end designer loafers offered on the market. Chanel loafers are more of an elegant and pretty reimagined version of classic loafers, showcasing distinct and charming styles that set them apart from their rivals. With most other high-end loafer options, they keep to the classic loafer design, the masculine penny loafer style, a chunky sole - you can picture it. Even the cool fashion girl loafer options like the Prada or Miu Miu loafers still feature the classic loafer elements but with varying levels of chunkiness or heel height.

Chanel's Feminine Touch

Chanel women's loafers offer a more feminine approach to the loafer design. You certainly do not need to fear the traditional old man vibe with these beauties! The shape overall is finer, more sleek, and elegant. They have more creative details, embellishments, longer lines, no chunky sole, and a softer adaptation of a loafer. I have three beautiful examples of Chanel loafers in my shop for you to see as an example.

Comfort for Daily Wear

Comfort-wise, loafers are the best. When I was in high school, with my school uniform, I had to wear school shoes and we got to choose from either black leather loafers or black leather mary-janes. I loved them both and wore them every single day, so I know how comfortable loafers are supposed to be. Classic loafers, compared to high-end loafers like Loro Piana loafers, are incredible - amazing walking shoes, ultimate comfort. Now compare this to Chanel loafers: you still get comfort, they are comfortable and a great fit, you can certainly wear them all day long, from the workday to the office to night, but perhaps wouldn't pass for a heavy-duty city walking shoe. Mainly because of the thin sole compared to the classic loafer, but the overall fit, if you find your correct size, is very comfortable.

Style: Versatile Elegance

Styling Chanel Loafers

Style-wise, because this is in my opinion the most beautiful women’s loafer there is, I would style this with honestly everything and anything. With casual jeans and a t-shirt, with a dress, style it up or down really. I love the versatility of loafers because they really polish up any look and make you look so smartly put together. What I like so much about Chanel women’s loafers is you have the effortlessness and timeless style that you get out of the Chanel ballet flats, but with a little more structure!

I would also like to share that these loafers are perfect for both casual and formal occasions, making them a must-have in any wardrobe.

The Ultimate Footwear Choice

To conclude, Chanel loafers are a superstar footwear choice! Once you get the size right, they will be comfortable, stylish, and even trendy with all outfits. You really can't go wrong, and I highly recommend these gems of shoes! Shop the shoe section at Bags for Breakfast to discover our selection of Chanel loafers.


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