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Spring colours have sprung! | Bags for Breakfast

Spring colours have sprung!  | Bags for Breakfast

This past weekend was the Oscars and I have always mentally marked the closing of film awards season to means one thing to me, spring is around the corner!!! Like, we are so close to being one month away from the Met Gala!!

If you live in Canada like me then you know the feeling of coming out of your winter hibernation. The clocks sprung forward, the day are getting longer, I sat out on my balcony. All the simple little things and signs of winter going away make me so happy this time of year. One of those things is rotating out my winter wardrobe for my spring/summer closet, and falling back in love with colour and pastels and dresses.

I wanted to talk about and get excited about spring colours and things we may see for the season and the summer. Style swings like a pendulum and while we've seen a lot of bright and bold colours, i.e. Valentino hot pink, colour blocking, and even a continuing neon trend last spring/summer, I feel like this summer will take on a softer look. I am predicting soft tones of summer whites, pastel pinks, lavenders and and soft cornflower blues with flowing silhouettes that feel breezy and effortless.

That being said, let me help influence you into which handbag colours are the most perfect choices for this season! Here are my top 5 Hermes spring colours that I think will pair well with any spring/summer trend that arises.

Mauve Pale

Hermes Mauve Pale is a soft, delicate shade of pink with a slightly muted or dusty undertone. It is a pale and subtle colour that falls somewhere between soft pink and lavender. It is pinky purplish so it is not as pink as mauve sylvestre or rose sakura. The hue is inspired by the delicate mauve flowers that bloom in the spring, and it has a gentle, understated quality that is both elegant and refined. This shade is perfect if you want to feel sophisticated but don't want to reach for a true neutral. It is a versatile shade that can be paired with a variety of other colours, including whites, greys, and earthy tones. It's softness provides a calming and serene aura to any look.

Vert Fizz

Hermes Vert Fizz is a bright, vibrant shade of green that to me is reminiscent of the fizzing bubbles in a chilled glass of champagne. This colour is not necessarily bold, but it has and fresh and energetic feel that exudes liveliness and playfulness. I find the colour is a modern take on traditional shades of green, it's not really mint, nor pistachio, it's more delicate, with a touch of yellow undertone that gives it a bright and sunny quality. It is a versatile colour that can be paired with other bold shades, such as pink or blue and would make them pop, or toned down with neutrals like beige or grey and it would bring your look a little breath of freshness. Overall, Hermes Vert Fizz is a dynamic and lively colour that adds a cheerful and youthful energy to any look, perfect for spring that just makes me happy.

Bleu Celeste

Hermes Bleu Celeste is a soft, delicate shade of blue that is often described as a pale or baby blue. The best way to describe bleu celeste is like clear blue skies on a sunny day. The hue has a slightly cool and icy undertone that gives it a refreshing and crisp quality. The colour is inspired by the celestial world and is often associated with the heavens and the serenity of the cosmos. It is a versatile colour that can be paired with a variety of other colours, including pastels, neutrals, and jewel tones. Bleu Celeste would make an excellent colour choice for summer, a vacation.

Jaune Poussin or the newer Limoncello

Hermes Jaune Poussin is a bright, sunny shade of yellow that is reminiscent of a baby chick, hence its name (poussin in French). It is a cheerful and lively colour that exudes warmth and optimism. The hue has a warm, golden undertone that gives it a soft and inviting quality. It is a versatile colour that can be paired with a variety of other colours, including blues, greens, and pinks. Jaune Poussin is a no brainer for spring and summer collections. It is the perfect colour to breathe into your wardrobe to give a gentle pop of colour. Hermes Jaune Poussin fits in perfectly with my spring colour palette for 2023, it is lively colour that adds a playful and youthful energy to any look or space.

I briefly wanted to talk about Limoncello because it is a newer shade introduced for the season, compared to Jaune poussin, Limoncello has a cooler, lemony undertone that gives it a sharper, more acidic quality. If you're looking to incorporate a yellow into your collection to bring in some vibrancy, Limoncello would be the perfect choice for you.


Hermes Mushroom is a really special shade. It is so much more than just off white. This colour is sophisticated and versatile light shade of a taupe that really captures the creamier earthy tones of mushrooms. It is a warm and neutral colour that has a subtle brown and grey undertone which reveals itself differently in various lighting. I would say Mushroom has a calming and grounding quality that has quickly given the favourites, Craie and Nata a run for their money. The colour is understated yet refined, and is a passe-partout colour but I find would look rich and beautiful paired with earthy greens, warm oranges, and deep purples for a day to night look. Overall, Hermes Mushroom is a sophisticated and understated colour that exudes a sense of elegance and refinement that is the perfect neutral to be featured on this spring list!

That wraps up my first little glimpse of spring, and if you know me I absolutely love love love picking and choosing colours and swatches for literally anything, so if want me to create another little batch of colours, I loved getting into the description of all of them so I'm happy to go through the Hermes colour wheel! Comment what your favourite colours are, or I'd love to hear which colour you are dying to get your hands on!


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